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Bulgarian Farmland – the safe investment that brings a high return
10% a year Guaranteed Income (And that excludes rising land values!)

Buying farmland now is a smart move. It’s an investment that is perfectly timed to benefit from the powerful trends in the world’s food markets. In fact, events are shaping up to make it like the residential property boom of 2003 to 2006, but without the bust as there’s real and growing demand. There’s every indication that returns will be stunning over the next few years.

Prices of most crops are way up and increasing every week. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), its latest Food Price Index, (Jan 2011), food commodity prices were was up 3.4 per cent in just two months - the highest level since the agency started measuring food prices in 1990. This trend is set to continue strongly.

How to profit?

Let the sun shine on your investment

The answer is simple: own agricultural land where the soil is rich, rainfall is good, but prices are still lower than in “developed” markets.

We have selected Bulgaria as the country we think offers the best returns for investors. It’s in the EU, has rich but modestly priced farmland and is now benefiting from massive farming subsidies.

Agricultural freehold land prices and rents are on the up. In fact, they are starting to Boom!

We’d like to underline right away that you don’t have to be farmer to do this, or even visit the countries. We offer the complete managed package.

Bulgaria is perfect for the smaller investor (and big too) as it offers rock solid returns and because there is very strong rental demand, it’s an ideal hands off investment. The richness of the soil and EU subsidies mean we can guarantee 10% a year return on your investment.

Add that guaranteed income to the price increases to your land and it adds up to a remarkable investment! Totally safe and highly lucrative.

We have offices in the best growing area of North East Bulgaria and offer FULL LAND MANAGEMENT. The farmland we offer for sale in Bulgaria is FREEHOLD. You will completely own the land and so be sure of receiving all future benefits. The investor need not do anything, except receive their GUARANTEED 10% income and watch their investment, literally, grow!

More information on the opportunity is in “The Opportunity” section to left.

Make the trend your friend and invest in Bulgarian farmland now!

Latest offers

Ref DB051
Location: Kavarna
Land grades/category: 3
Area: 1.24 acres
0.50 hectares
5,000 m2
3200 €    2284 £

Pocket money investment

With such a small amount  you can take riskfree your first steps in investing in Bulgarian agriland. The plot is located in the area of Neikovo, Kavarna town - close to the sea with excellent climate and within the bread basket re...

Ref DB050
Location: Kavarna
Land grades/category: 3
Area: 7.32 acres
2.96 hectares
29,627 m2
18300 €    13063 £

Excellent opportunity to own a land in the richest agric...

Located in close proximity to Kavarna town, it is a category 3 land, which is one of the highest type of fertility land in Bulgaria. The plots, are worked on by one and the same farmer, which means that dealing with rental income over ...

Ref DB049
Land grades/category: 3
Area: 4.94 acres
2.00 hectares
20,000 m2
8900 €    6353 £

Top agri area plot for burgain money

This is an offer for a good size plot of 20,000m2 arable land in Dobrudja region. Land grade is 3 – top fertile soil, ideal for investment purposes as guarantees good rental income. The price is very attractive and with small i...

Ref DB048
Land grades/category: 3
Area: 4.20 acres
1.70 hectares
17,000 m2
6990 €    4990 £

Bargain agricultural land in DObrudja

Bargain agricultural land situated not far from Dobrich – a regional centre town in North East Bulgaria. This area is known to be the Bulgaria's top agricultural area.  The region is popular for growing almost all kind of ...


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